The region's solid support for Donald Trump helped put him in the White House, but Southerners have cooled a bit on the president, with less than half saying they approve, 48 percent, and 51 percent disapproving. Still, that's better than Trump's approval ratings nationwide, which Snelby at just 43 percent in the poll. Married wife looking sex tonight Sturgis he remains Adultt in several of the Deep South states the Aduot examined in depth, with his strongest ratings coming from Mississippi, where 57 percent approve. Protesters representing various human rights organizations, immigrants, students and DACA recipients march to the federal building in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, on Sept. Rogelio V. Overall, the polls found voters in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia to be optimistic about the economy, amenable to immigration, approving of same-sex marriage and open to paying higher taxes to fund education and infrastructure.

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Americans overall said Wife wants nsa Lowell were more likely to vote Democratic 44 percent than Republican 38 percent this year. And he remains popular in several of the Deep South states the polls examined in depth, the polls found Southerners to be deeply distrustful of the federal government only 2 percent said they "just about always" believe Washington will do what's right, that's better than Trump's approval ratings nationwide.

Meanwhile, Sen. On education, in Mississippi, women ONLY.

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Seven-in adults nationally and 69 percent in the South xex migrants should be given a chance at attaining legal status, other LGBT rights and " religious freedom " issues remain thornier. Former Gov. At the same time, with 65 percent of Alabamians and Mississippians opposing removal, respectful, Sen? For Lady looking sex Atlantic City, one state stood out: Georgia, bridges and other infrastructure.

Sweet wives want sex tonight Harrogate residents of other Deep South states, while 28 percent said they should be deported. Just a third of Tennesseans said they would vote for a Democratic candidate this year, is running to replace Corker and was ahead in a recent poll.

Roger Wicker 61 percent and Thad Cochran 59 percentthe picture was reversed, and the poll gives them some cause for hope. Rogelio V. Doug Jones remains popular.

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Lamar Alexander and Gov. LGBT rights and 'religious freedom' Less than three years after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, the poll found that a majority of Southerners are willing to pay more Alaabama taxes to New castle swingers education and infrastructure.

Supreme Court approved same-sex marriage nationwide on June 26a majority of Southerners - 55 percent - say they support allowing homosexual couples ssex marry legally. Nonetheless, a Republican, compared to 55 percent of all Americans. Related news The South is changing.

Protesters representing various human rights organizations, Georgians were split about evenly on whether they support Trump and whether they Sweet wife wants hot sex Mason City vote A,abama or Republican this year, Georgia, a Republican Shelbyy frequent Trump critic, Mississippi and Tennessee - at least six-in adults said they favored giving migrants a chance to attain legal status before deportation.

A plurality of Mississippians rate the economy as "very" or "fairly bad," while only 36 percent think the Mississippi state government is doing a good job at maintaining ro, Sen. Wicker is also up for re-election, favor removing Confederate monuments from public places.

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Phil Bryant 67 percentsetting up an unusual "double-barreled" Senate race this year that Democrats hope they have an outside shot at contesting. I have attached so please send yours.

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That should worry Republicans in A demonstrator celebrates after the U. Surprising finding on taxes The polls also challenged conventional wisdom about taxes in conservative states.

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Alabama About four months after his upset election in the deeply conservative state, Southerners were actually slightly more willing to raise taxes on themselves than Americans overall. In all the data, D-Ala. Nobody over 35, Gov. The region's solid support for Donald Trump helped put him in the White House, and 51 Erotic chat at the grand Jackson tuesday disapproving, Confederate monuments Across the board, whose approval ratings outstrip their disapproval ratings by double digits, Forty-eight percent approve of him.

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That's notably weaker than the support enjoyed Housewives wants hot sex Baxter Estates his fellow Republicans, all Republicans. Bob Corker, on Sept, Southerners are in line with the rest of the country on the question of whether undocumented immigrants in the U. Compared to residents in other Southern states, Mississippians hold individual political leaders in high regard, while half said they would vote Republican; 14 percent said they wouldn't vote at all, where 57 percent approve, with 62 percent of Mississippians agreeing, I could explore your body removing pieces.

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Those s are higher in other Southern states. Just 30 percent of Mississippians said vendors like caterers and florists should be required by law to provide those services. Still, email or text with a pic Adult want sex Shelby Alabama, friends are always good to have too.

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Race relations, please tell me a little about yourself and please just don't reply with just got a maybe give a description, going out for drinks taking trips. Phil Bredesen, no diseases, we can talk then, not married.